Wellness Coaching

Wellness coaching involves one-on-one assistance and examination of  your overall goals with regards to health, weight, exercise, diet, habits, eating styles, etc.  We provide this service face-to-face, email, and telephone.  Our tips and helps have benefited numerous clients in having a better understanding of how and where they sabatoge their efforts when attempting to improve their health and weight.    Losing weight is not rocket science but the marketing guru's of our modern society has made it appear that it is.  When we can change our mind, we can then change our life, and then change our world.

Wellness Coaching Basic Session approximately 2.5 hours          $129.00

Wellness Coaching Advance Program - 3 months                         $299.00

Wellness Coaching Adanced Program - 6 months                         $499.00

Our coaching can be utilized independent of our body wrapping services.  However, we provide coaching to our clients who are actively working a wrap program or package at no additional charge.