Vibration Therapy

A unique experience with multiple benefits to overall health.

  • Nearly 100% muscle recruitment without muscle fatigue nor lactic acid build up
  • Fat Reduction
  • Increased Muscle Tone and Strength
  • Improved Posture and Balance
  • Improved Mood - Increases Dopamine and Seratonin levels
  • Lower Stress Levels - Cortisol is lowered
  • Reduction in Cellulite
  • Bone Strengthening - Bone Density Improvement
  • Lymphatic Drainage - reduction in toxin build up
  • Inch Loss
  • Increased Energy, Stamina and Circulation
  • Weight Loss
  • Reduction in Arthritic Pain
  • Oxygenation to the entire skeletale
  • Stimulates Bone Marrow Activity
  • Improved Overall Sense of Wellness
  • No Muscle Pain or Fatigue - No Lactic Acid or Ammonia build up
  • Increased Human Growth Hormone and ICG - both play a significant role in aging
Vibration therapy is offered as a stand alone service and is incoporated within most of our body wrap packages.
We invite you to sample this amazing service and feel the benefits of oxygenating your body, mind and soul!
Call us today for details and pricing!