Single Body Wraps

Suddenly Slender You, The Body Wrap offers a variety of formulas. Typically, our Standard formula (aka Gold Water or Slendertone) is used for the first treatment.  Though not standard at all, some Suddenly Slender providers only use the Standard formula.  It has been used to provide over 11,000,000 wraps world wide.  For an initial visit, we offer the Standard formula in two manners - as a Full Measure/Full Body Wrap with 6" to 20" loss guarantee or as a No Measure/Full Body wrap.  These two treatments provide the same overall inch loss for the overall inch loss is an unknown number for inch loss takes place all over the body, not merely where we place a tape measure. 

Standard Formula:     Full Measure/Full Body Wrap          *from $179.00

                                   No Measure/Full Body Wrap            *from $159.00
Advanced formulas are typically provided on subsequent visits and can be purchased either individually or in a package.   These wraps are priced as No Measure/Full Body wraps.  The Advanced formulas include the Anti-Age Wrap, the Power Wrap, the Body Lift Wrap, the Lipase Advanced Wrap, and the newest formula-The Ultimate Wrap.  Each of these formulas are unique in themselves in that each have double to triple the minerals and additional components that specifically target issues with the body in addition to great inch loss, tightening and toning, and cellulite reduction.

Advanced Formulas:     Anti Aging, Power, Body Lift , Lipase Advanced, The Ultimate     *from $199.00

Premium formulas are offered only after a client has had several Standard and/or Advanced Formula wraps.  Due to the nature and strength of  these formulas,  the body must be prepared for the uptake of the minerals and ingredients in these formulas. Premium formulas include the Sugar Buster, Super Skin Tight, Super Body Lift, or Cellulite Minimizer.

Premium Formulas:     Sugar Buster, Super Skin Tight, Super Body Lift or Cellulite Minimizer     *from $219.00

Dream Body Lay Down Wrap  (click here for more info on this wrap)         *from $239.00
*Pricing for body weights up to 299 pounds.  Add 25% for body weights exceeding 299 pounds.