Suddenly Slender products are some of the best in the industry in aiding to minimize the effects of aging, skin damage, neglect to skin.  Our product line can be used as stand alone products, but can greatly increase results when combined with our body wrapping services.

Using multiple products will also greatly increase results with or without wrapping.  Feel free to call for a free phone consultation to determine which products are best for your skin/aging situation.

Pricing includes FREE shipping to U.S. continguous states only.  We do not ship internationally.

Nature's Water - RNA/DNA++

Nature's Water - RNA/DNA++
This spray takes the place of our former RNA/DNA daily capsule.  Spray on the body, especially facial and head.  Effective for anyone wanting to combat aging.  Tightens Skin.  Energizes.   As cells reproduce, their clones seamlessly fade into the many tissues of the body. Perfect reproduction guarantees integrity of function and health for the cells. RNA and DNA are protein-amino-acids indispensable to this process, which retards aging. Works quickly. Used widely for feel good energy.