Single Body Wraps 
       Standard Formula with 6” to 20” inch loss guarantee
       Advanced Formulas - Anti-Age, Power (energy), Body Lift          $199.00
       Premium Formulas - Sugar Buster, Super Skin Tight, Super Body Lift          $219.00
       Lipase Wrap—a dual process combined with a single mineral wrap          $149.00
       Dream Body Laydown Wrap          $239.00
     Body Wrap Packages/Programs
       Basic Starter Trio - 3 Standard Formula Contour Wraps
       from $349.00
       Advanced Starter Trio - 3 Contour Wraps of Standard, Anti-Age & Power
       from $379.00
       Military Sampler Pack - (active military) 3 Contour Wraps of Standard, Anti-Age & Power, 3 Fat Blasters & 2 Vibration treatments
       from $389.00
       Basic Five Pack - 5 standard formula Contour Wraps
       from $539.00
       Advanced Five Pack - 3 Standard, 2 Advanced Formulas
       from $579.00
       Meltdown Program - Lose 2 to 5 dress/pant sizes with this one in as little as 30 days        from $1,299.00
       What-Ever-It-Takes Program - Our most populare and economical program utilizing both basic and advanced formulas as well as
       vibration therapy treatments.  This is a 12-month program with no minimum nor maximum number of treatments required.  Add-ons
       available for fat blasters or premium formulas at reduced rates.  Designed like a pay as you go at discounted rates.  $289.00* at first
       visit minum any current specials, then $85.00 cash/check or $95 credit at each additional wrap, payable at time service is rendered.
         from $289.00

       These packages/programs require completion terms of 30, 60, and 365 days.  May include free fat blasters, skin tighteners, or vibration therapy treatments, and or  wellness coaching.
         In all Trio and and Five Packs, pricing for "no measure" or "spot measuring up to 4 points".  Add $20.00 for full 12 point measurements with inch loss guarantee.  All pricing for body
         weights up to 299 lbs.  Add 25% for body weights of 300 to 350 lbs. subject to certain restrictions on services provided.

     Wellness Coaching
       Wellness coaching involves one-on-one assistance and examination of your overall goals for health, weight, exercise, diet, habits, eating styles, etc. We
       provide this service face to face, email, and telephone.
       Wellness Coaching Basic Session
       Wellness Coaching Advance Programs 3 Months
       Wellness Coaching Advance Programs 6 Months
     Facial Treatments   (These services require approximately 30 minutes to 2.5 hours of  time. )
       Revitalight Facial Treatments Single Treatment Single Treatment
$ 59.00
3 Pack
5 Pack
       Mini Facial Treatments Single Treatment
$ 79.00
3 Pack
5 Pack
       Mineral Facial Wraps Single Treatment
3 Pack
5 Pack
     Miscellaneous Treatments/Add-ons
       Foot Chelation (detox) Single Treatment
        $  49.00
3 Pack
       Add-Ons Lipase Spot Treatments
 from $ 30.00
       Skin Tight Spot Treatments
 from $ 30.00
       Body Lift Spot Treatments
 from $ 30.00