Power Wrap

Following the long awaited launch of the Anti-Aging Wrap,  Victoria surprised us again with another breakthrough formulation of The Body Wrap. Further investigative work at Suddenly Slender's Research Group yielded yet another great formula that not only rejuvenates the body in the same fashion as the Anti-Aging Wrap, it also obtains better inch-loss through the torso, smoothes the skin in a silky satin finish, AND leaves behind a dynamic reservoir of ENERGY!

In fact, this powerful energy is so noticeable that our test subjects practically named the new solution for us...they call it The Power Wrap!

Here's what some of them had to say...

"Wonderful! I felt full of PEP the entire day!"
- Sue B.

"I felt the energy surge, but my SKIN's the best part, it's velvety!"
- Vicky L

"During the wrap I was SO energized, I couldn't wait to be unwrapped,
I wanted to go out and DO something!"

- Mary D.

"When can I get another wrap like this, please?"
- Kris K.

"I was tired before the Wrap but not anymore!"
- Ann T.

"My skin really changed, it feels great!"
- Lynn F.

"Somehow I feel a lot lighter, ready for action!"
- Marva T.