Lipase Body Wrap

Lipase wraps are two wraps preformed back to back on the same day. They are given to clients who have already had a Slendertone wrap.

First step is to wrap the client lightly with the bandages soaked in our wrap solution called “Lipase”. The client remains in this wrap for 60 minutes, getting the solution reapplied every 20 minutes. We encourage light exercising, to promote circulation. Afterwards, the client is unwrapped.

Then, a fresh set of bandages with a new solution are used to begin another wrapping process. The client may have the Slendertone, Anti-Aging, Power or Body Lift as their second wrap formula choice. This wrap can be stay on anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes. Again light exercise is encouraged and reapplication of solution will occur every 15 to 20 minutes.

Then the client is unwrapped. The Lipase Wrap is a great choice for hard, stubborn bodies, and bodies with more muscle hidden underneath. Results will be seen in the first wrap. You will look and feel better.

Look 6-20 inches slimmer in 1 hour...Guaranteed!

*Lipase is a known homeopathic element that is defined as any class of enzymes that break down fat, produced by the liver, pancreas, and often digestive organs or by certain plants.