It's All You Bra

Wouldn't it be nice to have the bust line you've always wanted without all the trauma and expense of a surgical procedure?

Now you can with the "It's All You!"™ bra system.

Improve your bust line today!

The idea of body contouring and figure sculpture is not a new concept in beauty. However, until recently, this subject has been in the dark ages.

Often the solution to one problem only creates a new problem. Nowhere has this been more true than in the area of the bra. Designed to help support while accentuating, most bra's have consistently fallen short of women's expectations.

What if there was a bra that not only was more comfortable, but also helped you maintain and regain your youthful bust line?

Now, thanks to over ten years of research and work done by a world renown expert on beauty and body sculpting, there is an answer.

Introducing something excitingly different . . . The "It's All You!" Bra

The 'It's All You!" bra is not just another brassiere. It accomplishes what no conventional bra can do. The special design assists in training bust tissue in its proper position. A thickened, matronly midriff is only the result of conventional bras that force bust tissue into the wrong locations, under the arm, over the back of bras, under the bra in back and front. Stretched, displaced skin will eventually sag. The "It's All You!" two stage bra is designed to train this misplaced tissue back where it belongs, into the bust. This gives an immediate improvement in posture, comfort and body proportion. It gives the bust a chance to firm and tighten.

The "It's All You!" bra is designed and styled for YOU. It is made of the finest materials and created with superb Continental craftsmanship.

There's an "It's All You!" bra just right for you. "It's All You!" gives comfort and beauty for all types of bust lines!

Our under band lifts and supports the bust which takes the strain off your shoulders and back. The broad back of the bra helps with posture and support. The wide straps are for maximum comfort. The under band makes it possible to train midriff and underarm flesh into it's natural position, contouring the bust line as nature intended.

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