About the Owner

I'm Teresa Leonard, the owner of Suddenly Slender You. I would like to share with you how I became involved in this rather unusual, but effective process.

In early 2000, I quit exercising cold turkey due to the demands of motherhood and wifehood. However, I failed to modify my diet which included frequent indulging in hot wings and cold brew. Needless to say, by Christmas, I looked as though I were going to have a baby. As many people do, I decided to get back on track and change my appearance. I set myself a set of 2001 New Years Resolutions. In January I began working towards my goals and making changes that would help me achieve my goals. My plan included an aggressive exercise program (six days a week with one and a half to two hours of hard workouts daily) and I committed to reducing my fat and carb intake. After several months of both, I was becoming more and more frustrated as I was not seeing any kind of results. The scales had not budged, my clothes were still tight, and yet another birthday was approaching. I decided to use a gift certificate my husband had given me for Valentine's day which included a Suddenly Slender Body Wrap. To make a lengthy story short, I really did not care for the wrap even though I lost like some 19 inches. About 36 hours after my wrap, I noticed a definite difference in the contouring of my waist and stomach. You see, I am short waisted so this "difference" made me think perhaps there was something good about this procedure as weird as it was. I then heard a radio ad for the It's All You bra featured at our location. Well, I went in, had my bra fitting and bought my new bra. It was then that I was encouraged to try the wrap again. So I did. The second time wasn't as strange as the first as I had some clue as to what to expect. I lost another 13 inches. Wow! I really got excited. I decided to invested in the 30-day meltdown program. Soon, very soon my husband was referring to me as his "teen-age bride." I was 44 at the time. What a sensation. I loved what I looked liked and felt like, though I was still concerned with the number on my scales. It was not until I went shopping for a few new items that all my great results really proved beneficial. You see I had this crazy notion that if I could get my weight to a certain magical number, I would look and feel great. What a relief to know that my body wrapping relieved me from such slavery. I was at a good weight for my height and age, though the scales otherwise dictated a size 12. Well, low and behold, 12's were huge on me and no size 10's in sight. My teenage daughter passed me six dresses that I really liked. As soon as I saw size 8, I was bummed out. Fortunately, my daughter, who has always tried on what she liked regardless of size, convinced me to try them on. Five of the six not only fit me, but looked great on me as well. What relief! What excitement! It was then that I was truly convinced how well this process works and decided that at some future date I would operate this type of business because it does work. It works when conventional dieting and exercise may leave you frustrated with no results.

About 8 months later, I went in for another body wrapped to boost my spring workout program. I discovered this business was for sale. Little did I know that the Lord had in store for me to do this way sooner than I anticipated. This is an awesome business. Many of us have so many issues with our tissues. Our body wrap has the means to help you achieve results that go way beyond that of diet and exercise. Diet and exercise are truly vital for a healthy life, but when signs of aging and slowing of metabolism start to take place, many of us need something more to help us out. Our body wrap is one of the safest, most effective processes available to achieve outstanding results. Body wrapping alone can benefit many people, but one of our purposes at Suddenly Slender You is to help people in identifying their goals, achieving them, and maintaining them. Looking good, feeling good, and living a healthier, happier lifestyle.

After you have finished visiting our website, I invite you to give us a call to set up an appointment. We have a variety of specials and packages to help you in achieving your body shaping goals. We are here to help you look and feel your best IN and OUT of your clothes. We can also help you in maintaining your results and aid in weight loss as well. Give us a call and again thank you for visiting out web-site. (Click Here to View our Menu of Services and Pricing)

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