Anti Aging Wrap

Not everyone shows their age to the same degree.  The environment, worries, illnesses, personalities, heredity, and life in general are considered defining factors.  However, we also know of areas of the world where the inhabitants seem to remain ageless and actively contribute to their communities well beyond the norm.

After years of research, testing and more testing, Victoria Morton's Anti-Aging wrap was born and brought into authorized wrap centers around the globe.  

Expeditions to China and Equador's rain forest by Betty Mahan and Dr. K Sotomayor of the Research Group located rare and exotic herbs now used in the Anti-Aging Wrap's solution.  Although the formula is proprietary, we can tell you the contents include certain key elements already proven sucessful in our other products plus bio-essences from the new imported herbs.  

The challenge and breakthrough came from developing new technology to maintain over two dozen separate ingredients fully active, compatible and in perfect combination in the solution.  The long awaited result is the most invigorating , healthful anti-aging process in the world.

The Anti-Aging Wrap is designed to not only take off inches, improve your figure, and slenderize your contour, but also to TAKE OFF YEARS visually! If you haven't tried this great formula, you are in for a treat!

What results can be expected?
Clients have experienced the following: increased skin tightening, dramatic cellulite reduction, and good inch loss in hard to reduce areas such as torso, hips & abdomen. Some have noticed inch loss the following day along with a feeling of being energized and refreshed.

Do you get better inch loss?
Inch loss is better or the same as with our SlenderTone™ Wrap. For clients that have already received several wraps, the Anti-Aging Wrap will act as a booster for additional inch loss.

Is there an inch loss guarantee?
Our present guarantee (6-20 inch loss on the first wrap) applies to a client's first wrap. The Anti-Aging Wrap is never used on a first time client. Our standard Slendertone wrap is used for first-time wraps and is subject to our inch loss guarantee.

Why must a customer have a SlenderTone™ wrap first?
We like to observe how a client advances and responds (inch-wise) in one or more SlenderTone™ Wraps to ensure that the body is well prepared for the Anti-Aging Wrap.

Does it treat cellulite better?
Clients have noticed visible reduction in cellulite after only one wrap.

Does it firm the face and facial wrinkles more?
Yes, this Anti-Aging Wrap is excellent for tightening skin and may be used during a Face Taping Procedure, after you have had one or more face tapings with the SlenderTone™ Solution.

Do the results continue to get better, or is this just a maintenance wrap?
As with the SlenderTone™ Wrap, a client should be wrapped once or twice a week, lose a pound a week and take the recommended supplements until they reach their desired body image. Then come in a few times a year for maintenance wraps and supplements. Anti-Aging Wraps should be alternated with SlenderTone™ Wraps every so often.