Additional Services

In addition to body wraps, facials, and wellness coaching, Suddenly Slender You provides foot chelation (detoxing), and vibration therapy.  Available as add-ons to the wrapping process or can be purchased without any body wrap sessions. Body wrap spot treatments are only provided in conjunction with the contouring body wrap process.
Foot Chelation (Detox)
Foot detoxing is a process that enables the body's lymphatic system to open and drain.  We live in an extremely toxic world physically, emotionally, mentally, and  spiritually.  Foot detoxing not only removes impurities built up within our bodies, it has calming and relaxing effects as well.  Remove enough toxicity from your body, and your body may then be able to cooperate with your weight loss endeavors.

Single Treatment      $49.00
3 Pack                     $139.00
Vibration Therapy
Vibration therapy is a passive form of exercise that not only works core muscles, but also enables the lymphatic system to open and drain.  Sessions are typically10 minutes in duration.  Lots of water drinking is encouraged before and after so your body will process the elements released by the lymphatic system.  Vibration therapy typically does not create lactic acid build up, the culprit that causes many of us to not execise as its too painful afterwards.  Utilizing nearly 100% muscle recruitment, three simple 10 minute sessions per week can get you on your way to improved overall wellness.  Treatments aid in increasing stamina, flexibility, muscle tone, strength, circulation, energy, and bone density improvement.  Helps improve posture and balance, dopamine and serotonin levels as well as increasing human growth hormone and IGF, both which play a signficant role in aging.  Also aids in reducing cortisol amd cellulite.

Single Treatment                              $12.00
1 Week - 3 Treatments                     $30.00
4 Weeks - 3 Treatments per week    $99.00
1 Month Approx. 22* Treatments    $149.00
(*the monthly program is one session per day, during normal operating hours Tuesdays through Saturdays)
Add-Ons to the Body Wrap
Some body types may need an occasional extra boost in breaking down hard body fat, tightening loose skin, or lifting sagging skin. For those in need of additional help, we have spot treatments that are incorparted into the body wrapping process.  These spot treatments are extremely beneficial to those who have had liposuction, gastro by-pass or band surgery, as well as former body builders who tend to have deeper fat that is more resistant to breaking down.  Spot treatments are typically applied to the torso/hips or hips/thighs.

Lipase Spot Treatment (aka fat blaster for hard fat)          from $30.00*
Skin Tightner Spot Treatment                                            from $30.00*
Body Lift Spot Treatment                                                  from $30.00*

(*add $15.00 if treatment is applied from upper torso to lower thighs)