Lay Down Wrap

Victoria Morton has been working for some years to create the "Dream Body" Lay Down Wrap.  A laydown wrap that actually provides benefits.

SHE SUCCEEDED! Unlike other "lay down" wraps that use chemicals and dehydrate the body, the "Dream Body" Lay Down Wrap uses natural minerals in the solution.

This mineral solution has been in continuous use for over 35 years, and used in over eleven million wraps to date. No camphor.  No menthol. No herbs that can cause allergic reactions. Just the pure non-toxic solution working through the skin to help the body adjust itself to a trimmer, younger appearance.


Suddenly Slender, The Body Wrap, and the "Dream Body" Lay Down Wrap, work together, each with its own purpose.

The Body Wrap visually tones and tightens the skin overall, and produces a more sculptured and slender appearance.

The "Dream Body" Lay Down Wrap is designed to adjust the appearance of the mid-section, giving a slimmer looking profile. For maximum results, it works with gravity differently from how the countouring effects of The Body Wrap works.

The treatment is approximately 60 minutes.  Wrapped cocoon style in a warm soft blanket that has been soaked in our proprietary formula while lying on low vibration heat, all the while listening to soft music in the background.  

All body shapes and sizes can benefit from the Dream Body Lay Down Wrap, however, persons who are very overweight with body weights of 300 lbs or more; those haven't exercised in a very long time; sufferers of back, hip, and/or leg pain are ideal candidates for this treatment.


     Relaxing and Refreshing

     Can be used by people with aching backs, knees and/or feet

     Tension just melts away while it de-stresses the body

     Calms, yet energizes

     Slimmer appearance in torso, hips and thighs